Please include the below information when reporting bugs or issues in the game

  • How did the error manifest itself?
    For example, error message, connection lost, etc.
  • Date and time - When did the problem occur?
    Please state here the exact date and time when the error occurred.
  • What did you do last?
    Please briefly describe your activities in the game.
  • Did the problem occur more than once?
    Can it be reproduced?
  • Have you already done the first steps?
    Please have a look at this topic: Help with Game, Connection Problems
    The first steps often fix errors. Did you check if the error still occurred afterward?
  • Have you cleared your cache and cookies?
    How to clear cache and cookies can be found here.
  • Can you take a screenshot of it?
    (If possible) A screenshot is very helpful and supports your message. If you can take a screenshot, you can simply upload it via the forum as an attachment.
  • Which operating system do you use?
    Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux, etc.
  • Internet provider / Internet speed
    Cable 4–15 Mbps, Satellite 512 Kbps–1.5 Mbps, Mobile (Cellular) Broadband 3 Mbps–6 Mbps (4G), etc.
  • Internet access
  • Please attach Screenshots of the Dev Console. Please send Screenshots of the "Inspector" tab AND the "Console" tab.
    (Press F12 in the browser while you experience the error)
  • Which browser AND browser version are you using?
    You can find the exact version of your browser as follows:
    • Firefox.
      Menu: Help > About Mozilla Firefox
    • Internet Explorer
      Menu: "?" > "About"
    • Google Chrome.
      Toolbar: "Wrench icon" > "About Google Chrome".
    • Safari
      Menu: "Safari" > "About Safari".

Also, kindly add reproduction steps, and feel free to add any details you find relevant.