Dear Settlers and cat lovers,

It is a truth universally acknowledged in The Settlers Online Community that cats are vital in rodent population control... especially around farms, silos or mills. But what do they actually think of us?

Meow-ow, I have served you well, human, I hunted down the mice population that dwelled in your mills and silos, now tell me when do I get my treat and where is the best place in the house to take a nap?

Whether we keep them for hunting down rodents or for our own entertainment, our little felines seem to enjoy human company as much as we enjoy theirs. Let's guess what they're up to: another house raid at 3 am, a sudden attack on the aquarium or maybe they're just wondering what happens if they catch the red dot?

Hmmm... what is my cat trying to tell me?

Share your catsperience with us and post the secret thoughts of your cat!

Happy Caturday!