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Aici găsiți informații referitoare la lumile de joc obișnuite. Acestea includ regulile de joc, jurnalul de dezvoltare și jurnalele de schimbare.

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  1. Aici găsești toate informațiile referitoare la procesele actuale, discuțiile în echipa și gradul de nebunie al vieții în cadrul Blue Byte (cel puțin câteodată).

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  2. Ce s-a schimbat fata de ultima versiune? Aici găsiți răspunsul.

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  1. Subiect important Important: How do I clear the Unity browser cache & cookies

    The browser cache is a collection of files in which data from web pages is cached. This includes graphics and formatting information, for example....

    Creat de BB_Sious, 20.12.2021 17:06
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 56.390
    20.12.2021 17:06 Mergi la ultimul post
  2. Subiect important Important: Ubisoft Login FAQ

    Dear Settlers, Most of the "The Settlers Online" websites use Ubisoft accounts (formerly known as Uplay) for a very long time already. And now,...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 13.03.2020 14:15
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 30.489
    13.03.2020 14:15 Mergi la ultimul post
  1. Mayor Update: First Edition

    Dear Settlers, Welcome to the first edition of our Mayor’s Update. The Mayor’s Update will provide you with a recap of what happened in the...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 10.01.2024 16:31
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 3.118
    10.01.2024 16:31 Mergi la ultimul post
  2. [Last Chance Sale] Halloween Treats Settlers, Don't miss out on the spine-chilling...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 14.12.2023 17:19
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 1.219
    14.12.2023 17:19 Mergi la ultimul post
  3. Important: Longboat Storehouse Solution

    Dear Settlers, mentioned in our...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 13.12.2023 16:22
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 1.927
    13.12.2023 16:22 Mergi la ultimul post
  4. Update on recent login problems & server outages

    Update on recent login problems & server outages Dear Settlers. In the last weeks, there have been increasing reports of login problems and...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 16.11.2023 14:10
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 5.896
    16.11.2023 14:10 Mergi la ultimul post
  5. Facebook migration to Ubisoft

    Facebook Account transfer to Ubisoft Migration with the home page profile Since 18.01.2023 it is possible to transfer a Facebook account to...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 25.02.2022 15:07
    • Răspunsuri: 1
    • Afișări: 7.545
    31.01.2023 16:15 Mergi la ultimul post
  6. [FAQ] Special Winter Offer

    Dear Settlers, Get a first taste of the winter holiday season with our bonus +125% Gem packages! We're here to answer some of your questions: ...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 07.12.2022 15:05
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 3.188
    07.12.2022 15:05 Mergi la ultimul post
  7. Togetherness Event 2022

    <br> <br> Togetherness Event 2022 <br> In this new event, you'll be tasked with meeting the high (and sometimes unusual) standards of the King's...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 30.11.2022 15:07
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 3.926
    30.11.2022 15:07 Mergi la ultimul post
  8. Auction House Guide

    Dear Settlers With the current version, we made some adjustments to the trading system and offered an interesting way to get rare items in a...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 19.10.2022 16:35
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 8.958
    19.10.2022 16:35 Mergi la ultimul post
  9. An update from the "The Settlers Online" Team

    An update from the “The Settlers Online” Team Hello dear “The Settlers Online” fans, Since the announcement and the transfer from Flash to...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 25.11.2021 15:16
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 9.406
    25.11.2021 15:16 Mergi la ultimul post
  10. Unity Version - Community Update #2

    Unity Version Community Update #2 Dear Settlers, With fall already at our door, it seems the year has almost passed. And what a year it has...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 01.10.2021 15:06
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 12.221
    01.10.2021 15:06 Mergi la ultimul post
  11. [Prestaging] Update and Changes

    Dear settlers, On Monday 13.09.2021 the latest version was implemented to the Testserver1 ( As always, the...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 15.09.2021 15:04
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 6.136
    15.09.2021 15:04 Mergi la ultimul post
  12. Unity Version - Community Update

    Unity Version Community Update Dear Settlers, As you know, we are aware of the current situation and working hard on solutions. This includes...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 13.08.2021 13:35
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 9.227
    13.08.2021 13:35 Mergi la ultimul post
  13. Unity Version Test Server settlers, Busy months are behind us and now it is finally time...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 27.04.2021 14:44
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 8.077
    27.04.2021 14:44 Mergi la ultimul post
  14. Sneak Peek: TSO Unity Version

    Dear Settlers, We know a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting news on the upcoming TSO Unity Version, so we'd like to share some news on how the...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 22.04.2021 13:10
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 17.634
    22.04.2021 13:10 Mergi la ultimul post
  15. TSO Future Timeline and FAQ

    We know you have all waited quite a bit for this update. And here it is. As you can see in our timeline above there are many vital steps upcoming....

    Creat de BB_Sious, 23.11.2020 14:21
    • Răspunsuri: 2
    • Afișări: 175.987
    17.03.2021 14:28 Mergi la ultimul post
  16. End of the World 2021 Event

    More information about the upcoming End of the World 2021 Event An obscure group of priests prophesied the end of the world before the end...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 04.03.2021 15:19
    • Răspunsuri: 2
    • Afișări: 24.410
    15.03.2021 15:01 Mergi la ultimul post
  17. [LIVESERVER] New downloadable client

    Dear settlers, With the version of 18.12.2020, the live server client will be provided. WITHOUT this client you will no longer be able to log into...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 17.12.2020 14:43
    • Răspunsuri: 2
    • Afișări: 282.624
    27.01.2021 14:34 Mergi la ultimul post
  18. macOS / 32 Bit System Announcement

    Dear settlers, We know that some of you are used to play on macOS or...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 26.01.2021 14:18
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 9.544
    26.01.2021 14:18 Mergi la ultimul post
  19. Sneak Peek: Christmas Event 2020

    Information regarding the 2020 Xmas Event & Flash-based Client! As with any other Sneak Peek, the content shared may not reflect the...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 11.12.2020 14:51
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 13.264
    11.12.2020 14:51 Mergi la ultimul post
  20. TSO is moving to Unity! Settlers, With Halloween approaching, we also want to give you...

    Creat de BB_Sious, 19.10.2020 13:28
    • Răspunsuri: 0
    • Afișări: 163.323
    19.10.2020 13:28 Mergi la ultimul post

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